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How Do High School Courses Differ From Middle Years

  • Each course is expected to take about 100 hours to complete learning, plus homework time. If you are comfortable with a subject area or struggle with it, this could affect how long it takes to complete the material.
  • Each course will earn you one credit, and 24 credits are required to graduate. If you would like to complete all credits in three years, you should plan to take eight courses each year.
  • You will be earning percentages now, rather than points. A minimum overall average of 50% is required for each course to pass and receive a credit.

Book Club

This year's book club is meeting online to discuss the classic tale of The Princess Bride by William Goldman. This book club is for semester 2; if you are interested in joining, send us a message at for details and to sign up!

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Graduation Club

Join the graduating class newsletter and online club to get all the updates on this years grad!

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