How to pick classes in grade 10 - 12

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​What courses do I need to meet the graduation requirements?

What courses do I need to meet the graduation requirements? To help you with your graduation planning, the 24 credit program requirement is broken down by grade:

Grade 10

Minimum of eight (8) credits including:

Grade 11

Minimum of sixteen (16) credits including:

Grade 12

Minimum of 24 credits (5 of which must be at the 30 level) including:

* Science 20 or 30 prerequisites must be met

What is the difference between required courses and electives?

Required courses are compulsory and all prerequisites must be met. There are still choices within required courses. For example, mathematics has three pathways – Apprenticeship and Workplace Math, Foundations of Math and Pre-calculus. Your teacher or school counselor can help you with your course planning.

Elective course credits are chosen based on your interests and abilities. To meet the credit requirements for graduation, students are required to take six to nine elective courses at the secondary level depending your program.