Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day poster and literary contest

We received so many great entries for the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day poster and literary contest. Thanks to everyone who entered!


At thirty-four Albert Pagé from Quebec became a private front-lined soldier,

He spent three egregious days in saturated trenches to fight the enemy,

When the piercing cry of the Captain gave the order Pagé went up top,

“Almost the instant I was 'over the top', a shell hit my rifle butt and burnt my hand.

I jumped back into the trench to assess what had happened.

My hand was burning so I wrapped it in cloth.

My sergeant saw what happened and told me to rest for a while!”,

This is what Albert Pagé wrote to sketch what happened in his diary,

When he felt stronger he rose out of the trenches and ran across no man’s land,

Running his hardest to fight for our freedom,

When the opposition fired his bullet Albert was a victim,

The clip of bullets in his pocket was the only reason he survived,

They exploded and altered the path of the original,

The enemy’s bullet was lodged two inches under his heart,

Albert trudged the brutal journey towards the trenches and collapsed inside,

There he lay suffering in agony waiting for medics to transfer him to the hospital,

The wound was too grievous for the field hospital and was sent off,

Albert was taken to Arras only to be shipped to Reading, England,

After four hours of surgery Albert had the deadly pieces of metal removed,

He was in no condition to return to war and was to stay at the hospital,

Through a bed-side partner he became the writing partner to Alma Beaurgard,

The two wrote back and forth till Albert discharged himself from the hospital,

Together Alma and Albert lived in Prince Albert, SK, with their seven kids,

His war damaged body was never able to farm again,

Therefore, he became a caretaker for an order of nuns,

In between events is what separates this war story from the others,

The wound had opened on the way to both hospitals and Albert prayed,

He held a sewn heart that was prayed over by the priests on his wound and prayed,

“Please spare my life-I have so much yet to do for you!”,

In brief time the bleeding ceased,

Albert passed away at eighty-four from a brief but courageous battle with cancer,

I am proud to be the great-great granddaughter of a true Canadian war hero.

- Amaris Manning