Learning Mentors

Effective mentorship requires planning, coordination and communication, but it can be an extremely rewarding experience for both the mentor and the student.

What is a Learning Mentor?

Students taking schooling at home will need someone supervising. A learning mentor is any adult who is responsible for learning instruction and support in the home.

It is not always possible for the parent to be the learning mentor. A mentor may be a parent, guardian, relative, friend, or tutor. Mentors, students and online instructors work as a team to help students successfully complete their online courses.

The first responsibility should be to determine if this type of education is suitable for the specific child. You would need to consider the following:

  • Do you have access to the required technology?
  • Do you have basic technology skills and a willingness to learn?
  • Is the student able to work independently?
  • Will you have time and skills to assist with learning?

What are my responsibilities as a Learning Mentor?

Home-based students benefit from the personal attention of a learning mentor who can provide daily encouragement and support in a way that meets a student's individual needs. While the role of the learning mentor may be slightly different as a student progresses from elementary to high school, an effective mentor is key to student success in an online environment.

Goal Setting and Timelines

  • schedule work time based on ministry required hours as outlined in course
  • establish clear expectations and guidelines


  • ensure resources are available
  • organize course materials

Course Progression

  • monitor progress on a daily or weekly basis
  • assist with timely submission of assignments
  • coach students to become self-directed and independent
  • oversee assignments
  • encourage academic excellence


  • interpret instructor feedback
  • communicate with online teachers and school administrators by phone and email

Accessing DLC Supports

  • work with DLC Course Counsellors to ensure courses meet graduation requirements
  • as needed, work with DLC Student Support Team to help manage learning challenges