What resources will I need?

Learning at home is a different type of responsibility and may seem overwhelming at first. You have choice in the type of resources that you will use. This choice will depend on your situation.

Considering Learning from home?

For families considering learning from home for the first time, we highly recommend using our DLC teacher-created materials, affectionately referred to as “The Box.”

For families with some learning from home experience

For families with limited (or some) learning at home experience, we recommend starting with our teacher-created materials and supplementing with other family selected resources in consultation with your teacher.

For families experienced learning from home

For experienced families who feel confident with learning at home, we recommend one of the above options; however, solely family-selected resources may be used. IMPORTANT NOTE: grade-level curricular outcomes still need to be demonstrated.

What does the DLC supply?

  • DLC Orientation
  • Lesson Plans
  • Handouts
  • Assessments
  • Planning Documents
  • Videos
  • Textbooks/e-texts
  • Contact Teacher
  • Student Support Specialists

What do I supply?

  • Access to Internet (depending on the grade level access required may be different)
  • A dedicated time and space for learning
  • Tools to submit PDF documents (e.g. scanner, smartphone app)
  • Recording device (e.g. camera, smartphone)
  • Common school supplies (e.g. paper, pencils, pencil crayons, notebooks)

Purchasing Resources

If you and your family would like to use non-DLC resources, please contact your teacher to discuss the purchase of these non-DLC resources.