Group Learning Activities

We have clubs!

Sign up today for one of the DLC’s extra-curricular clubs:

Sharpen your pencils and get ready for our new Creative Writing Club! Running from December through June, DLC teacher Stephanie Ives will be providing weekly writing prompts and activities geared for our grades 5-9 students.

We have started up our GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club, Spectrum, once again this year and welcome new and previous students. All members are welcome, whether you are Queer, Queer-questioning, or a rainbow ally.

Sign up for the DLC Anime Manga Club where you can get together online with fellow students to talk about your favourite artists, animation styles, series, and more. You don’t have to be an artist, just a fan! If you do have artwork to share, there will be a forum where you can do that as well.


If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please contact

DLC students have the option to participate in many group learning activities with other students who are also learning from home. DLC teachers organize these activities to give students a chance to learn in different settings and in different ways that help enrich their overall educational experience.

Students enjoy these opportunities because they get to meet their teachers in person and meet other students who are also learning from home. In addition, these activities provide forums for parents to share ideas and resources.

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Community Connections

Community Connections are visits by DLC students to places of great interest where the students can learn about many aspects of their community, their province, their country and their world.

The DLC has offered exciting Community Connections at: the Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo, the University of Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History, Wanuskewin Heritage Park near Saskatoon, the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina, the Saskatchewan Legislature, CTV Television studios in Regina and the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum near Moose Jaw.


Learning Camps

DLC Learning Camps take place almost every month from October to May during the regular school year. Learning Camps take place in various locations around Saskatchewan and are organized and facilitated by DLC teachers in cooperation with participating parents.

They will each usually include hands-on, fun learning activities across a number of subject areas. Past Learning Camps for example have included such activities as learning how to create origami, build whirlybirds in order to understand some of the principles of aerodynamics and there are always some physical activities, arts and crafts as well as opportunities to play.


Visiting the DLC

Some group learning events are held right at the DLC in Kenaston. Every year, the DLC hosts Fun-in-the-Sun! This amazing event brings students from across Saskatchewan to the DLC for day and in the past has included swimming, sports, a barbeque, crafts and lots of hands-on, fun-filled learning. Every year Fun in the Sun grows and includes new and different activities!


Other events hosted at the DLC have included STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Day and the Expert Fair. On STEM Day DLC science students were engaged in a wide assortment of exciting science and technology activities, while during the Expert Fair, DLC students had the chance to visit the DLC and meet and ask questions to experts a wide variety of different fields.


Did you know that each year the DLC hosts a graduation? Read more and find out how to can attend.