The DLC wants to celebrate your success with you.

How do I know if I’m eligible to graduate?

If you are taking the Regular 12 program, you will need a minimum of 24 high school credits to graduate. For the Adult 12 program, you will need 7. If you are unsure if you will have the required credits, you can get in touch with your course counsellor to request an unofficial transcript or ask for clarification. We encourage all students to play an active part in their education by monitoring their transcript and ensuring that all credits have been recorded.

Can I take part in the ceremony if I’m in the Adult 12 program?

Absolutely. The DLC wants to celebrate your success with you. We would love for you to take part in the ceremony.

When and where is the ceremony?

The graduation ceremony typically takes place on the first Friday in June at Kenaston Place in Kenaston, SK. Due to the pandemic, the format, location, and exact date of this year’s ceremony will be determined in accordance with government regulations at that time. More details will follow as the date gets closer.

What happens when I get there?

If we are able to host a live ceremony in Kenaston, our teachers will start the afternoon by walking you through the grad ceremony, while parents and guests visit and socialize. Photographs will take place before the ceremony. Instruction will be sent to eligible graduates with more instruction on when to arrive. If you will need access to a change room, space will be available for you, but please come early as space is limited and grads may have to take turns.

What should I wear?

It’s up to you. Most of our graduates in the past have chosen to dress in formal attire, but the choice is yours.

Can I bring guests with me?

The number of guests each grad can invite will be determined by government regulations at the time of the ceremony. In previous years, students were allowed to invite up to ten guests to join them on their big day.