​Congratulations to DLC student, Emily.

​Congratulations to DLC student, Emily, who hosted Bach Festival 2019 this summer – a concert comprised of Baroque music and the music of Bach. Saskatoon’s first @bachfestyxe featured young, classically trained musicians and local professional artists from the Saskatoon area. Emily, who has been studying with the DLC since 2014, shares her highlights from the day.


This year a few friends and I started the Annual Saskatoon Bach Festival. I love Bach and my friends love Bach, so why not? Saskatoon loves Bach too as we could see from the success of our festival! A Bach Festival is an event made up of concerts featuring performances of Bach’s music. There are Bach Festivals all over the world, and a few in Canada. Our first Festival was short and sweet, but it went smashingly! Here are a few highlights from this year:

This year’s Festival was made up of an afternoon concert and workshop. The concert featured a lively program made up of stellar musical performances on different instruments. We heard amazing pieces on the cello, harpsichord, pipe organ, piano, violin, and voice (solo and choir). In between the music we heard Bach stories and got a behind the scenes look at Bach’s life. Our fabulous performers were all from the Saskatoon area and included classically trained professionals and young upcoming musicians.

Before the concert we were surprised by a CTV crew who showed up and taped part of the afternoon’s festivities. (Here is an article they did: https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/saskatoon-teen-celebrates-classical-music-at-first-bach-festival-1.4527228). The morning of the Festival we were also on CBC Radio. You can take a listen here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/bach-is-back-1.5228225. We had so much awesome support from the wonderful community in and around Saskatoon!

We had an audience of about 150 who came from Saskatoon and the surrounding area. The audience members were invited to participate in an audience costume contest and there were a few who came in stunning costumes. Awesome prizes were awarded to three lucky audience members for their outstanding Baroque-style outfits. We are very grateful to Saskatoon businesses such as Those Girls at The Market, McNally Robinson, and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra who kindly donated prizes for this contest.

Following the concert we had refreshments and an Introduction to Baroque Dance workshop. The audience members had a blast learning to dance Bach-style. There was a lot of laughing and those who took part had a great time.

There was lots of positive feedback from our audience who really enjoyed their afternoon! We are looking forward to next year’s Bach Festival and hope you can be there!