December 17, 2019

​Student Feature gifted musician Caledonia

Caledonia is a Grade 6 student at the DLC who not only excels in her courses, but is also a gifted musician. Caledonia sings and plays a number of instruments including piano, mandolin, banjo, and recently learned how to play ukulele – just to name a few. During our weekly Class Zooms Caledonia shares with her classmates how she shares her passion for music with her church, her community, and her family. Caledonia’s love of learning and music is evident in her performances including playing for a fundraiser for her church, performing in the Contemporary Showcase in Rosetown, and being selected to play at the Country Music Awards Youth Showcase.

Ms. Bilinski is so proud of Caledonia and her willingness to share her passion for learning and music! Caledonia is an active learner who contributes positively to class discussions as well as inspires her classmates to share their talents with each other. Way to go Caledonia!