January 17, 2020

DLC Book Club

Members of the DLC Book Club are here today to watch the movie version of The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak. The Book Club has been studying the book this semester, learning together and socializing with teachers and fellow students through online discussion. It’s been a great session! Thanks to all the students who participated!

Watch this space for upcoming details on a new session in semester 2! Members of the DLC Book Club have the opportunity to use their Book Club book for their novel study in their ELA A10, B10, 20, and B30 course novel study.

Grades 7-9 – stay tuned for opportunities for middle years students in Semester 2!

If you would like more information about the DLC Book Club, be sure to get in touch with your DLC English teacher or email DLChelp@sunwestsd.ca. We’d love to see you in our next session!