DLC GSA Gets A Whole New Look

At the DLC, it is important for us to ensure students and staff are celebrated as individuals.


Our Respect for Human Diversity team has spent some time looking at the needs of people in the building both physically and virtually. One area that was clearly identified as requiring celebration and supports surrounded our LGBTQ2+ community, resulting in the creation of a Gay-Straight Alliance.

The GSA is an extra-curricular group for students from the queer community and their allies. It is a safe space where discussions take place, and ideas are generated to promote inclusive practices within the school environment. Even though this group only just got started as Covid-19 changes were occurring, it still managed to build a space where sharing was possible and welcomed – really a truly amazing group of individuals!

To set the tone of this student-led group, members were encouraged to make it their own by participating in a contest. Below are the winners, they have been notified privately. Congratulations to all!

Winning Name: Submitted by Taylor, the GSA will now be known as

Winning Logo: Submitted by Taylor

Winning Banner: Submitted by Mackenzie