Remembrance Day

'They Walk With Us' - a reflective photographic presentation



The Canadian Virtual War Memorial is a registry to honour and remember the sacrifices of the more than 118,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who, since Confederation, have given their lives serving in uniform. You can use the search features of the database to locate information about members of your own family or community who were lost while serving in uniform, including information on the individual’s military service, personal data (e.g. birthdate), the location of where they are buried or commemorated, and/or digital images.

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Remembrance Day in Canada is observed on November 11. As schools are not open on November 11, each year, schools take the time to honour and recognize this day prior to Remembrance Day. This year, DLC Teacher Ms. Ives will be taking us on a photographic tour of the beaches of Normandy and other French sites and communities with a focus on identity, legacy, and gratitude.

We invite you all to join us at 1:00PM on Tuesday November 9th as a way to honour our Veterans -- past and present -- and all those who have felt the effects of times of war.

What you need to know:

  • Ms. Ives will be presenting for approximately 30 minutes with an opportunity to ask her some questions at the end
  • This is NOT a formal ceremony that you may be used to, but is instead a reflective and informative presentation prepared by Ms. Ives
  • The presentation is a virtual gathering; you can join directly on Youtube at: Remembrance Day 2021 - 'They Walk With Us' or view by scrolling to the bottom of this page.
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A sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek at just a few photos from Ms. Ives' visit to the battlefields in France in 2015. Join us on the 9th to hear the stories and significance behind these images.

“"​Past and present conflicts are part of our collective story as human beings, regardless of our location, heritage, or perspectives. Our world is shaped by these events and for me it is important to recognize the many sacrifices that have been made by soldiers and civilians alike, and the legacy of those events beyond wartime. I personally approach Remembrance Day from a view of reflection, gratitude, and connection."”

Ms. Ives, DLC Teacher​

REFLECTION: We encourage you to take time time to reflect and honour Remembrance Day. Ms. Ives has shared a reflective question per grade level. These questions are not mandatory, nor a part of the educational curriculum, but are instead intended to assist in your own reflection and processing of the importance of November 11 in Canada. See below, or click for a PDF Copy - reflection questions

Kindergarten to Grade 3

  • How does my community recognize Remembrance Day? What about other communities in Saskatchewan or in other parts of Canada
  • When faced with a conflict or a challenge, how can I respond in positive ways? How can I help others do the same?

Grade 4-6

  • How did the people of Saskatchewan contribute to Canada’s participation in global conflicts?
  • How has participation in global conflicts affected Indigenous peoples in Canada?

Grade 7

  • How do global conflicts and their legacies show examples of interdependence and cooperation?

Grade 8

  • How has Canada’s participation in global conflicts affected the Canada that we live in today?

Grade 9

  • How has major conflict changed throughout different times and locations? How have different societies commemorated significant conflict?

Grade 10

  • What role does commemoration like Remembrance Day play in societal structures and how people engage with their society?

Grade 11

  • How does Remembrance Day relate to an idea of interconnection on a global stage?

Grade 12

  • How has Canadian identity been shaped by involvement in global conflicts?