MW30 Course and Partner Celebration

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“The message that you have the power within to protect and take care of your mental health and well-being is so important for our students today. I, myself, suffer from depression that was diagnosed when I was 40. I wish I would have had access to the proactive and preventative tools in this [MW30] course when I was in high school.”

Mr. Ryan Johnson, Sun West DLC Principal

On Thursday May 19, 2022, approximately 150 students, educators, partners, and board representatives gathered in Kenaston, SK in the spirit of mental wellness awareness and education. The Sun West DLC is almost nearing the end of its 4th year running the Mental Wellness 30 course. Locally developed and continuously evolving, the DLC partnered with the RBC Foundation to host a gathering to celebrate all of our partners who have made this possible, and to provide an awesome presentation line up that showcases our successes and the direction this course has and continues to take. MW30 has gained provincial and national attention due to its curated compilation of valuable information for youth mental wellness and continues to be shared widely due to its success. Presentation included: keynote speaker and contributor of MW30, Allan Kehler; the RBC Foundation Representative Megan Getty, and the unveiling of one of the course’s newest partner, the Robb Nash Project.

Megan Getty brought greetings on behalf of the RBC Foundation. Her heartfelt message brought strength and inspiration to everyone gathered, and was a true testament to the wonderful partnership between RBC and the DLC on the development and continuous evolution of MW30.

To learn more about the Sun West DLC's Mental Wellness 30 course, click here.

This year, the RBC Foundation donated $150,000 -- $400,000 in support to date – towards the Sun West School Division’s Mental Wellness 30 program to provide free online education, resources, peer support, and counseling to youth and young adults across Saskatchewan. Their generosity provides funding to support Saskatchewan teachers with resources, support, and mentorship to deliver Mental Wellness 30 in face-to-face classrooms. Over 1,000 students have received a 30-level credit for developing essential skills that promote positive mental health and well-being by engaging with other youth and working through units that provide them with strategies to mitigate the inevitable stressors that may come their way.

Pictured right: Alexis Epp (left) MW30 Co-Creator, Megan Getty (centre) the RBC Foundation Representative, Elaina Guilmette (right) MW30 Co-Creator

Greetings brought by Megan Getty on behalf of the RBC Foundation, at the May 19 presentation and celebration:

"Good Afternoon everybody. It is a pleasure to be here with all of you.

I know we’re all excited for an update about the Mental Wellness 30 program and also hearing about successes from the students themselves.

As we reflect on the Mental Wellness 30 program and its launch back in October 2019, my colleague Margo Masich, spoke at that time about the general perception that people, particularly youth, were losing the ability to make critical interpersonal connections. These connections were critical to help combat loneliness and depression in an increasingly digital world.

Fast forward just 5 months after the program launch, and paradoxically, connecting digitally became the primary means, and sometimes the only way, by which we all were connecting with family, friends and loved ones in order to combat loneliness and depression during the pandemic.

We’re so grateful that Sun West School Division had the foresight to put the Mental Wellness program and other supports in place for youth. This program could not have launched at a more appropriate time and proven to be more relevant.

The past few years have been tough for all of us, and particularly for young people who have navigated an unchartered course as they start their

journey as adults and as our future leaders. Sun West has been there, and will continue to be there, for them every step of their journey.

Sun West’s foresight and desire to proactively help young people is what makes them such an amazing RBC Future Launch partner.

RBC is committed to empowering Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. We do this by bringing young people together with community leaders, and partners like Sun West across the private and public sectors to help them prepare for the future of work.

Together we’re working on removing roadblocks to enable youth to network, to develop their skills, to access practical work experience, and to access mental well-being supports and services.

We all recognize the importance of mental well-being on a young person’s ability to achieve success and thrive.

When young people thrive, we all thrive.

On behalf of all of us at RBC, thank you to Sun West and the many partners involved with bringing Mental Wellness 30 to youth across Saskatchewan helping them to thrive. I can’t wait to hear more about these success stories during our time together this afternoon.

Thank you."

- Megan Getty, RBC Community Manager