DLC on Location - Saskatoon


The DLC will be on location in Saskatoon!

The following DLC staff will be heading to the Rusty MacDonald Branch Library in Saskatoon (located at 170-250 Hunter Rd. - near Lawson Heights Mall) on Friday, June 17th from 10am to 3:45pm:

  • Sheena Williams (Computer Science 20/30, Environmental Science 20)
  • Mason Cameron (Cow/Calf 10/20/30, Field Crop 10/20/30, Paleontology 20, Science 10, Physical Science 20)
  • Jesse Miller (Christian Ethics 10, ELA A10)
  • Aaron Moore (Communication Media 10, Law 30, Life Transitions 30, Photography 10, Psychology 20)
  • Pat Telfer (Information Processing 10/20, History 20)
  • Noah Dick (ELA A30/B30)
  • Lindsay Sakundiak (Native Studies 30, Exercise Science 30)
  • Reg Nakoneshny (Autobody 10/20, Mechanics & Automotive 10/20, Electrical & Electronics 10, Construction & Carpentry 10/20)
  • Brantt Wilson (ELA 20, Creative Writing 20, ELA B10

They will spend the day working with students on course materials, proctoring exams, and answering all of your DLC questions. Come meet your teachers in person!

If you would like to reserve a specific time to meet with one of our staff, book an appointment today.

For more information contact DLChelp@sunwestsd.ca.