Telemiracle Fundraising

The DLC would like to fundraise $2,500 for Telemiracle. Can you help us reach our goal?


At the Sun West DLC, we see the entire province of Saskatchewan as our home - our students, families and staff hail from towns and cities across the map. There is nothing more "Saskatchewan" than TeleMiracle and we want to help!

Join us as we fundraise to support TeleMiracle and the deserving families they assist by donating at:

Here's how you can participate:

  • Make a donation to this campaign. All donations go towards some major goals:
    • $500 raised - enough for TeleMiracle to fund any of a Sheepskin Pad, Mobility Products, a Walker or to help with Mileage
    • $1,000 raised - enough for TeleMiracle to fund 80 nights a Ronald McDonald House - One of our staff will get to kiss some livestock. Watch social media to vote on which staff member gets the privilege.
    • $2,500 raised - enough for TeleMiracle to fund Hearing Devices - Our DLC staff house band will perform a small concert. We will stream it live for everyone to hear! Come and celebrate with us!
  • Join us on DLC social media to participate and have fun!

We are so excited to once again be involved with the Saskatchewan focused fundraising efforts of TeleMiracle!